Transit Value Capture: Institutional Pitfalls and Potential Reforms

One thing that Congress, the new administration and urban leaders agree on (at least abstractly) is a desire to invest in American infrastructure. For President Trump securing infrastructure funding is as easy as “leveraging new revenues and work with financing authorities, public-private partnerships, and other prudent funding opportunities”. Value Capture – or the use of geographically constrained taxation […]

CCTS at Transportation Camp!

Many of the members of our diverse group of scholars attended this one day workshop, and organized a session titled, “Who is NOT at Transportation Camp.” Not only did we identify over a dozen groups that were not represented, we also discussed ways to seek out some of those voices into the transportation planning process. Here’s the […]

First Fall 2015 Meeting: Tuesday, September 22

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday the 22nd from 6–8pm Room 5414 at the Graduate Center. We’ll catch up on what people have worked on and discuss what we’d like the group to do this upcoming year in terms of speakers, reading materials, meetings, etc. Feel free to bring guests and snacks.